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Welcome to Arborfield CAP

While the Community Access Program (CAP) no longer formally exists, all the equipment purchased during the program is still available for use. It was a Government of Canada initiative, administered by Industry Canada, that aims to provide Canadians with affordable public access to the Internet and the skills they need to use it effectively.

CAP has available for community use the following:

  • Multimedia Projector (located at Arborfield School)

    Portable Multimedia Projector, Presentor & Portable Screen

    Laptop Computer

    Desktop Computer with Internet Access & laser printer – print copies at an economical cost

    Scanner with ADF and One-Touch Button to Color Laser Printer

    Binding Machine – report covers & combs available for purchase

    Laminating Machine – assorted pouches available for purchase

    Paper Folder – 1-3 sheets of paper, 4 different folds

    Rotary Cutter

    Perforation/Zig Zag Cutter

    USB Turntable Recorder

    USB Cassette Recorder

    USB VHS Recorder

    Sharp Multi-Media Projector

    Film Scanner (turn your old over-size negatives, 35 MM or slides into digital pictures)

    9.6' Permanent Projection Screen  (located in Community Hall)

    Portable 3” Floppy Drive

    Portable DVD Burner

    Digital Camera – Pictures at 640 X 480

    Digital Movie Camera

    Mono-pod & Tri-pod for Cameras

    3 Disc CD/DVD Copier

    Cash Box

    2 MB Flash Drives 

    Dymo RhinoPro Labeller

When borrowing the larger pieces of equipment, you will be required to leave a $100 cheque as a deposit for the equipment which will be returned to you when you return the equipment.

And you wonder why we are so exciting about having this equipment in the community??  Let me share some examples of why it is so important to have this equipment available to the residents of Arborfield.

This site has been funded by Arborfield CAP through Industry Canada.

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This site has been funded by Arborfield CAP through Industry Canada.