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You have just seen the list of all the wonderful equipment we have available to the residents of Arborfield.  You are now asking yourself - will I ever use any of it.  Let me share a few examples of when you would find yourself borrowing a piece of equipment off of the list!!

Portable DVD Burner - I have one in my desktop - correct - but get a netbook and try to make recovery disks or load program - borrow the CAP DVD burner and you are set to create your recovery disks and load the programs you need without having to buy another piece of equipment.

Film Scanner - This scanner will very nicely turn your negatives into digital pictures.  It will scan 35MM film, slides, and medium format negatives.  What are medium format???  Those are the odd sized negatives usually prior to 35MM becoming popular.  Wouldn't it be great if you were able to turn all those old negatives into pictures while the older generation are still around to help you identify the people and places?

USB LP/Cassette/VHS - In the day and age of CDs and MP3s, who would listen to a LP record?  What a wonderful gift it would be if you could turn your parent's favorite LPs into CDs that they could play and enjoy?  Or you have all those cassettes on the shelf that you would like to listen to again but you don't have a cassette player any more - you can now easily turn those cassettes into MP3s and listen to them any where.

Perforated/Zig Zag Cutter - We have all tried to fold computer generated greeting cards and it's a task to get the edges lined up.  But did you know that this cutter also has a scoring blade where you could take your card stock paper down to the RM Boardroom and score a number of pages so when you need a card,  just print and fold along the score and you are done.

Multimedia Projectors - We have a projector to fit every situation.- small presentation in an office to a presentation in a large auditorium.


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